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Phlebotomy Certification in Opelika Alabama

Phlebotomy is one of those fields that are practically recession proof. Since most Phlebotomists work in hospitals and blood banks drawing blood, there is a real need for members of this profession on an ongoing basis. Getting a Phlebotomy certification in Opelika may be easier than you think if you have a high school diploma as there are a number of ways you can get your certificate. Here are just a few ways:

・Specific programs that offer Phlebotomy training and certification exams

・college courses in which you get an associate degree in Phlebotomy

・Online courses

When looking for the right courses to take to get you on your way to getting your Phlebotomy certification you want to try and get your education from the state in which you want to become certified as some states have different rules than others, regarding what you need to sit for the certification exams. Some states do not require you to take any special courses while others want you to take courses from an approved college or training program. You need to check with the state you are planning in working in as to their specific requirements.

Two places you can contact that offers both an accredited Phlebotomy program and the certification tests are the The American Medical technologists and the American society for clinical pathologists.

Once you find the right type of program from which you want to take your Phlebotomy training then you need to apply to the Phlebotomy program. Since these programs are hardly ever full you should have little trouble getting into the Phlebotomy school of your choice as long as your meet the prerequisites which in many cases is little more than a high school diploma. If you are choosing to get your phlebotomy training online make sure that the program is both accredited and provides a way to give you hands on training as well as theory.

Phlebotomy Schools and Programs in Opelika, AL

Once you have been accepted for Phlebotomy program complete all the courses and get your degree. Remember that once you get a degree you still have to sit for the actual certification exam which is sometimes offered at the completion of the Phlebotomy training and sometimes not. If the program you attend does not automatically offer the Phlebotomy certification exam here are the places you can contact to take the exam.

・The American Certification Agency for health care professionals

・The National center for competency testing

・The American Medical Technologists

・The America Society for Clinical Pathology

If you have already been working for a year or more as a phlebotomists but, don't have the Phlebotomy certification you can sit for the certification exam by showing proof of having attended an accredited program or proof that you have worked in Phlebotomy field for at least a year and proof of a set number of successful blood collections. (this may vary depending on the locale and agencies giving the exam. It's best to check with them first.)

While the steps to getting your phlebotomy certification may not be many it is important that you attend to your studies and do well both as student and on your certification exam to increase your chances of getting a good paying job.